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Bills of interest to the Association pending in the 132nd Ohio House
Through October 23, 2017

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To authorize the issuance of dating violence protection orders with respect to conduct directed at a petitioner alleging dating violence, to provide access to domestic violence shelters for victims of dating violence, and to require the Attorney General's victim's bill of rights pamphlet to include a notice that a petitioner alleging dating violence has the right to petition for a civil protection order.
OPAA: No Position 2/23/17
Passed House 2/28/17

HB4 COCAINE OFFENSES (Cupp, R., Rogers, J.)
To provide that in determining the amount of cocaine for trafficking and possession offenses, it also includes a compound, mixture, preparation, or substance containing cocaine, and to declare an emergency.
OPAA: Support 2/23/17
Passed House 2/15/17

To prohibit a person who publishes or disseminates criminal record information from soliciting or accepting a fee to remove, correct, modify, or refrain from publishing or otherwise disseminating the information and to provide criminal and civil remedies for a violation of the prohibition.

HB8 RECORDS EXEMPTION (Hambley, S., Rezabek, J.)
To exempt from the Public Records Law certain information concerning a minor that is included in a record related to a traffic accident involving a school vehicle in which the minor was an occupant at the time of the accident.
Passed House 5/24/17

To specify that the alternative protocol for proceeding into an intersection with malfunctioning traffic lights due to a failure of a vehicle detector applies only to bicycles.
Passed House 2/22/17
Passed Senate 3/23/17

HB13 JURY SERVICE (Gonzales, A.)
To permit a prospective juror who is a mother who is breast-feeding her baby to be excused from jury service.

HB19 DRUG PRODUCTION (Blessing, L., Landis, A.)
To include recklessly causing, by means of fire or explosion, physical harm to the offender's or another person's motor vehicle, house, building, or other structure, or to any other
property of another person, while manufacturing or attempting to manufacture a controlled substance, as a violation of the offense of arson.

HB20 COMPENSATORY DAMAGES (Gonzales, A., Boggs, K.)
To remove the cap on the amount of compensatory damages that represents damages for noneconomic loss that is recoverable in a tort action when the tort action is brought by a victim of rape, felonious assault, aggravated assault, assault, or negligent assault.

To make appropriations for programs related to transportation and public safety for the biennium beginning July 1, 2017, and ending June 30, 2019, and to provide authorization and conditions for the operation of those programs.
Passed House 3/22/17

HB29 WATER RESERVOIRS (Leland, D., Boggs, K.)
To eliminate law authorizing the maintenance of buffers around municipal water reservoirs by contiguous property owners.
OPAA: Does this affect our Civil folks?

HB30 PRISON TERMS (Koehler, K.)
To require an additional prison term of 3 to 8 years for an offender who is convicted of or pleads guilty to a felony offense of violence if the offender is convicted of or pleads guilty to a specification that the victim suffered permanent disabling harm and that the victim was under 6 years of age at the time of the offense.
OPAA: Support 2/23/17 (prefer SB20 with no age requirement)

To specify that the criminal penalty related to casino operators and employees participating in casino gaming applies at their casino facility or an affiliated casino facility.
OPAA: No position SB256 131st
Passed Senate 5/24

To prohibit any person from storing or leaving a firearm in the person's residence unless the firearm is secured in safe storage or rendered inoperable if the person knows or reasonably should know that a minor is able to gain access to the firearm and to provide criminal penalties if a minor gains unauthorized access to a firearm not so stored or rendered inoperable.

HB34 PUBLIC NOTICES (Hambley, S., Ryan, S.)
To authorize certain state agencies, local governments, and other boards, commissions, and officers to deliver certain notices by ordinary mail and electronically instead of by certified mail.
Passed House 2/28/17

To provide that purposely causing the death of a first responder or military member is aggravated murder and to require an offender to serve the prison term imposed for felonious assault on a peace officer, investigator, first responder, or military member consecutively to the prison term imposed for any related offense.
OPAA: Support 4/19/17
Passed House 91-0 5/17/17

HB42 UNSAFE TIRES (Sprague, R., DeVitis, T.)
To prohibit the installation of unsafe used tires on certain motor vehicles.
OPAA: No Position HB574 131st

HB49 Budget Bill
OPAA: Oppose high school credit and release of F5 detainees to county/private jails. Too important of a change to hide in a budget bill.

HB56 HUMAN TRAFFICKING (Dever, J., Gavarone, T.)
To permit a person who is found not guilty or is the defendant in a dismissed case to apply for an expungement of the person's records in the case if the complaint, indictment, or finding of not guilty resulted from the applicant having been a victim of human trafficking, to permit a person convicted of certain prostitution-related offenses to apply for the expungement of any record of conviction of an offense, with certain exceptions, if the person's participation in the offense was a result of having been a victim of human trafficking, and to authorize intervention in lieu of conviction for persons charged with committing an offense while a victim of compelling prostitution. Am. 2951.041 and 2953.38 and to enact section 2953.521
OPAA: Support. Stay consistent with John’s notes on SB-4. 3/23/17

HB63 PRISON TERMS (Hughes, J.)
To require an additional prison term for felonious assault of 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, or 20 years if the offender also is convicted of a specification that charges that the harm caused by the violation resulted in a permanent, serious disfigurement or substantial incapacity or that the offender used an accelerant in committing the violation and to name the act's provisions "Judy's Law."
OPAA: Support concept, preferred SB20 prior to age hurdle. Agree with any legislation that address this issue. 2/23/17
Passed House 5/24/17

HB64 RECORD EXPUNGEMENT (Schuring, K., Reece, A.)
To provide for the expungement of official records related to the apprehension, arrest, criminal charging, or trial of a person based on mistaken identity. Am. 2953.51, 2953.52, 2953.53, 2953.54, 2953.55, and 2953.61.
OPAA: Oppose as written. Rewrite with limited to sealing of court record or charging record. Would seem to limit prosecution for ID theft if record is expunged. 3/23/17

HB68 VOYEURISM (Anielski, M.)
To include an impaired person as a potential victim of voyeurism, to include conduct involving an impaired person within the offenses of pandering obscenity involving a minor, pandering sexually oriented matter involving a minor, and illegal use of a minor in a nudity-oriented material or performance, and to prohibit an owner, operator, administrator, or employee of a care facility from creating, sharing, reproducing, or publishing any image of a care facility resident without a proper purpose and without prior written consent from the resident. Am. 2903.33, 2903.34, 2907.08, 2907.321, 2907.322, 2907.323, and 2929.13.
Passed House 6/7/17

To specify that failure to display a license plate on the front of a motor vehicle that is required to display a front license plate is a secondary traffic offense and to establish a maximum fine of $100 for such an offense. Am. 4503.21 and 4511.043

To revise the laws governing the provision of adult protective services.
OPAA: Support 3/23/17

HB79 FIREARMS TRAINING (Retherford, W., Hagan, C.)
To provide for firearms training for tactical medical professionals; to permit such a professional who has received that training and has been authorized by the law enforcement agency to carry firearms while on duty; and to grant such a professional the same right to carry a concealed handgun in this state as a concealed handgun licensee. Am. 109.71, 109.73, 109.75, 109.79, 109.801, and 2923.126 and to enact sections 109.748 and 109.771
OPAA: Support 3/23/17

HB81 DEATH PENALTY (Seitz, B., Antonio, N.)
To provide that a person convicted of aggravated murder who shows that the person had a serious mental illness at the time of committing the offense cannot be sentenced to death for the offense and to provide a mechanism for resentencing to a life sentence a person previously sentenced to death who proves that the person had a serious mental illness at the time of committing the offense. Am. 2929.02, 2929.022, 2929.024, 2929.03, 2929.04, 2929.06, 2953.21, and 2953.23 and to enact section 2929.025

To require an offender who knowingly commits the offense of public indecency under certain circumstances involving exposure of private parts likely to be viewed by minors and for the purpose of sexual arousal or gratification to register as a Tier I sex offender/child-victim offender. Am. 2907.09 and 2950.01

HB95 DISTRACTED DRIVING (Hughes, J., Seitz, B.)
To establish an enhanced penalty for committing a moving violation while distracted if the distraction is the apparent cause of the violation and to reenact provisions of law that specified that certain electronic wireless communications device violations were allied offenses of similar import. Am. 4511.03 et.al.
OPAA: Support 3/23/17

HB96 SEX OFFENSES (Hughes, J.)
To increase the penalty for sexual imposition when the offender previously has been convicted or pleaded guilty three or more times of any of several specified sex offenses and to repeal the corroboration requirement for a sexual imposition conviction. Am. 2907.06, 2929.24, and 2929.41
OPAA: Support 3/23/17

HB97 SEX OFFENSES (Johnson, G., Boggs, K.)
To eliminate the spousal exceptions for the offenses of rape, sexual battery, unlawful sexual conduct with a minor, gross sexual imposition, sexual imposition, importuning, and public indecency and to permit a person to testify against the person's spouse in a prosecution for any of those offenses. Am. 2907.02, 2907.03, 2907.04, 2907.05, 2907.06, 2907.07, 2907.09, and 2945.42
OPAA: Too broad. Better considered statute by statute to remove exemption. Oppose 3/23/17

HB109 PRISON TERMS (Patmon, B.)
To create specifications that impose an additional prison term on a felony offender who commits the offense against a disabled person or elderly person and a period of Department of Youth Services commitment on a delinquent child for felony act committed against a disabled or elderly person, for felony offenses that do not delineate enhanced penalties when a disabled or elderly person is the victim of the violation. Am. 2152.17, 2929.13, and 2929.14 and to enact sections 2941.1425 and 2941.1426
OPAA: Support 3/23/17

HB117 OPIOID THERAPY (Huffman, S., Brenner, A.)
To establish a statewide pilot program for the provision of long-acting opioid antagonist therapy for offenders convicted of an opioid-related offense who will be released from confinement on supervised release, and to specify that the therapy is to be provided during both their confinement and their supervised release. Am. 2929.16 and 2929.26 and to enact sections 341.43, 753.34, and 5145.33
OPAA: Tabled 3/23/17 - Matt Fox and Keller Blackburn to report back at April meeting. Oppose. 4/19/17

To make changes to the licensing and records requirements, exemptions, penalties, and other provisions of the Precious Metal Dealers Law. Reduces penalty: “Sec. 4728.99. (A) Whoever recklessly violates Chapter 4728.s ections 4728.04, 4728.07, 4728.08, 4728.09, 4728.12, 4728.13, 4728.16, 4728.17, 4728.18, or 4728.19 of the Revised Code is guilty of a misdemeanor of the first third degree on a first offense and a felony misdemeanor of the fifth second degree on each subsequent offense.
(B) Whoever recklessly violates section 4728.02 of the Revised Code is guilty of a misdemeanor of the third degree.”

HB123 LENDING LAWS (Koehler, K., Ashford, M.)
To modify the Short-Term Loan Act, to specify a minimum duration requirement for loans made under the Small Loan Law and Mortgage Loan Law, and to limit the authority of credit services organizations to broker extensions of credit for buyers. Am. 1321.35, 1321.36, 1321.39, 1321.40, 1321.41, 1321.422, 1321.99, and 4712.99, to enact new section 1321.46 and sections 1321.141, 1321.401, 1321.402, 1321.403, 1321.411, 1321.595, and 4712.071, and to repeal sections 1321.46 and 1321.461
OPAA: Not applicable

HB125 COURT JURISDICTIONS (Craig, H., Seitz, B.)
To specify the jurisdiction of municipal and county courts over municipal traffic ordinances and to establish requirements governing fines, fees, or other charges for traffic violations and infractions imposed by a municipal corporation that does not have the authority to establish a mayor's court. Am. 1901.20 and 1907.02 and to enact section 4511.072
OPAA: Tabled. Ed Pierce to study. 4/19/17 Support 5/25/17

To make municipal and county peace officers mandatory reporters of child abuse or neglect. Am. 2151.421
OPAA: Tabled. Reason for bill? 4/19/17 No position 5/25/17

HB141 INVOLUNTARY MANSLAUGHTER (Dever, J., Wiggam, S.) To provide that causing or contributing to the death of another person as a result of the offender's sale, distribution, dispensation, or administration of a controlled substance or controlled substance analog is a violation of the offense of involuntary manslaughter and to make this offense a strict liability offense. Am. 2903.04, 2903.06, 2919.22, 2929.142, 4510.17, 4510.31, and 4511.181
OPAA: Support.

To eliminate the requirement that a concealed handgun licensee notify a law enforcement officer that the licensee is carrying a concealed handgun when stopped. Am. 2923.12, 2923.126, 2923.128, and 2923.16
OPAA: Not applicable

HB144 WASTE COLLECTION VEHICLES (Green, D., Rogers, J.) To require motor vehicle operators to take certain actions upon approaching a stationary waste collection vehicle collecting refuse on a roadside. Am. 4511.01, 4511.213, and 4513.17
OPAA: Not applicable

HB145 CONFIDENTIAL TREATMENT (Huffman, S., Sprague, R.) To provide for the establishment of a confidential program for the treatment of certain impaired practitioners and to declare an emergency. Am. 4730.32, 4731.224, 4731.25, 4760.16, 4762.16, and 4774.16 and to enact sections 4731.251, 4731.252, 4731.253, and 4778.17

HB146 DEATH CERTIFICATES (Householder, L.) To allow a coroner to change the cause, manner, and mode of death in a filed death certificate only after a hearing in the court of common pleas. Am. 313.19 and 3705.22
OPAA: Oppose. 4/19/17 Neutral 5/25/17

HB147 HUMANE SOCIETIES (Hambley, S.) To make changes to humane society law and to make humane society agents subject to bribery law. Am. 109.73, 935.19, 935.20, 959.131, 1717.01, 1717.02, 1717.03, 1717.04, 1717.06, 1717.07, 1717.09, 1717.10, 2151.421, 2921.02, and 2931.18, to enact sections 1717.061, 1717.062, 1717.16, and 1717.17, and to repeal section 1717.14
OPAA: Support with removal of arrest authority and private prosecution authority. 6/22/17

HB149 ABORTION (Patmon, B., Conditt, M.) To expand the crime of abortion trafficking and to increase the penalty. Am. 2108.18 and 2919.14.
OPAA: Support 4/19/17

HB151 FIREARMS DEALERS (Patmon, B.) To prohibit a transfer of a firearm from a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer to a person who is not a federally licensed firearms dealer unless it is done through a federally licensed firearms dealer, through a state or local law enforcement agency, or pursuant to a specified exception; to require that background checks be conducted when a firearm is transferred through a federally licensed firearms dealer or a state or local law enforcement agency; and to provide for record keeping with respect to information obtained pursuant to such a background check. En. 2923.26.
OPAA: Oppose 5/25/17 Enforcement? Family/friend sales?

HB152 HUNTING LICENSES (Patmon, B.) To require an applicant for a hunting license to specify whether the applicant has been convicted of or pleaded guilty to a felony and to require the license to specify "firearm restricted" if an applicant has so indicated. Am. 1533.13.
OPAA: No position 5/25/17 Andy Wilson and Vic Vigluicci to check with ODNR to see where they are on the bill/concern.

HB153 IMITATION FIREARMS (Patmon, B.) To generally ban the manufacture, sale, alteration, and public display of imitation firearms and the disguising of a firearm to make it resemble an imitation firearm En. 2923.51, 2923.52, 2923.53, 2923.54, and 2923.55.
OPAA: Opposed 5/25/17 too broad, too vague. Tough to enforce and tougher to produce a fake gun that doesn’t look real or at least threatening to a officer from a distance.

HB179 IMMIGRATION (Keller) Requires local authorities to cooperate in the enforcement of immigration laws, and provides for removal of officers of local government who fail to do so.
OPAA: Oppose 5/25/17 Overbroad as written. Who determines “cooperation” boundaries, Good idea, no need to be law.

HB201 Concealed Carry (Hood, R)
To allow a concealed handgun licensee to carry concealed all firearms other than dangerous ordnance or firearms prohibited by state or federal law; to repeal the requirement that a licensee stopped for a law enforcement purpose promptly inform an approaching officer if the licensee is carrying a firearm and provide for expungement of convictions based on a violation of the requirement; and to provide that a person age 21 or older and not prohibited by federal law from possessing or receiving a firearm does not need a concealed handgun license in order to carry a concealed firearm and is subject to the same laws regarding concealed firearm carrying as a licensee.
OPAA: Tabled 5/25/17 See HB142

HB211 HOME INSPECTORS (Hughes, J.) To require the licensure of home inspectors and to create the Ohio Home Inspector Board to regulate the licensure and performance of home inspectors. Am. 109.572, 121.08, 2925.01, 4745.01, 4776.10, and 4776.20 and to enact sections 4764.01 to 4764.20 and 4764.99 (M1 or F5 penalty)
OPAA: Opposed 5/25/17 Civil matter, no need for this to be in criminal law.

HB214 ABORTION (LaTourette, S., Merrin, D.) To prohibit a person from performing, inducing, or attempting to perform or induce an abortion on a pregnant woman who is seeking the abortion because an unborn child has or may have Down Syndrome. Am. 3701.79 and to enact sections 2919.10 and 2919.101 (F4 penalty)
OPAA: No Position 5/25/17

HB228 GUN LAWS (Johnson, T., LaTourette, S.) To assign to the prosecution the burden of disproving a self-defense or related claim, to expand the locations at which a person has no duty to retreat before using force under both civil and criminal law, and to modify the Concealed Handgun Licensing Law regarding a licensee's duty to keep the licensee's hands in plain sight, the penalties for illegally carrying a concealed firearm or improperly handling firearms in a motor vehicle, and the posting of warning signs regarding the possession of weapons on specified premises. Am. 307.932, 2307.601, 2901.05, 2901.09, 2923.12, 2923.126, 2923.16, and 2953.37 and to repeal section 2923.1212 48
OPAA: Oppose 5/25/17. Burden to PA, still oppose nixing of duty to retreat. Review other items included at a later date.

HB233 FIREARMS (Becker, J.) To enact the "Decriminalization Effort For Ending Notorious Deaths (DEFEND)" to provide an opportunity for a concealed handgun licensee or qualified military member to avoid guilt for carrying a concealed handgun into a prohibited place if the person leaves upon request, and to penalize as disorderly conduct failing to leave upon request or returning with a firearm. Am. 2917.11, 2923.11, 2923.12, 2923.121, 2923.122, 2923.123, 2923.126, and 2923.1212
OPAA: Table 5/25/17. Support concept. Vince and Sherri to study and get back to the committee.

HB234 REPRODUCTIVE CARE (Howse, S., Lepore-Hagan, M.) To criminalize impeding access to reproductive health care and to create a cause of action for harassment or intimidation of one or more employees of a health care facility. Am. 2307.48, 2307.481, 2307.482, and 2919.10 (M1 on first violation, F4 on each subsequent offense.
OPAA: Oppose. No need for additional laws, can do now with a variety already on the books. 6/22/17

HB253 CONCEALED WEAPONS (Householder, L., Lanese, L.)
To permit law enforcement officers to carry firearms off duty in places otherwise prohibited for concealed handgun licensees. Am. 2923.12, 2923.121, 2923.123, and 2923.126
OPAA: Support, with Badge and proper ID and local policy permits. 6/22/17

HB276 UTILITY WORKERS (Rezabek, J., Greenspan, D.)
To expand the offense of aggravated menacing to prohibit threatening a utility worker with intent to obstruct the operation of a utility. Am. 2903.21 (M1 to F4)
OPAA: Oppose. Much like 234, there are already other laws in place to address this issue. 6/22/17

HB278 VEHICULAR ASSAULT (Patton, T., Keller, C.)
To include negligently causing serious physical harm to a law enforcement officer while operating a motor vehicle or other specified mode of transportation as a violation of the offense of vehicular assault. Am. 2903.08.
OPAA: Support concept. Narrow language to standing outside car. 6/22/17

HB296 DRUG OFFENSES (Gavarone, T.)
To enhance penalties for certain drug offenses committed in the vicinity of a community addiction services provider. Am. 2925.01, 2925.02, 2925.03, 2925.04, 2925.041, 2925.36, and 2925.37. Paul Dobson’s bill.
OPAA: Support 8/24/17

HB305 PROTECTION ORDERS (Antonio, N., Boyd, J.)
To require a court that issues a protection order to determine if the respondent is prohibited from carrying or possessing a firearm, to require a court to determine whether an offender who has been convicted of specified offenses is prohibited from carrying or possessing a firearm, and to require a respondent or offender who the court determines is prohibited from carrying or possessing a firearm to transfer all firearms in the person's possession to a law enforcement agency or a federally licensed firearms dealer. Am. 2151.34, 2903.13, 2903.21, 2903.214, 2919.25, 2919.26, 2923.13, and 3113.31 and to enact section 2923.133
OPAA: Tabled 8/24/17

To permit an elected officeholder of this state or a political subdivision of this state who holds a valid concealed handgun license to carry a concealed handgun in a government facility of this state or a political subdivision of this state. Am. 2923.126

HB318 SCHOOL RESOURCE OFFICERS (Patterson, J., LaTourette, S.)
To define the necessary qualifications and responsibilities of school resource officers. Am. 2935.03 and to enact section 3313.951.
OPAA: Arrest authority? Doesn’t appear to apply to us.

HB327 IMPORTUNING (Schaffer, T., Smith, K.)
To amend the penalties for the offense of importuning. Am. 2907.07

To provide that the penalty for trafficking in, possession of, or funding of trafficking in fentanyl or carfentanil is the same as the penalty for those crimes involving heroin, to increase to a third degree felony the trafficking in or possession of at least one gram but less than five grams of any of those drugs, to provide that deception to obtain a dangerous drug involving fentanyl or carfentanil is a third degree felony, and to provide a per se prohibited concentration of fentanyl and carfentanil regarding operating a vessel or motor vehicle that is the same as the per se prohibited concentration for heroin. Am. 1547.11, 2925.01, 2925.03, 2925.05, 2925.11, 2925.22, 2929.01, and 4511.19
OPAA: Support but prefer SB1 10/19/17

HB349 POLICE ANIMALS (LaTourette, S.)
To increase the penalty for assaulting a police dog or horse and to include search and rescue dogs and horses in the prohibition against assaulting or harassing a police animal. Am. 2921.321 and 2929.18
OPAA: Support if assault on a police officer penalty is raised to the same level as proposed for police and SAR animals. 10/19/17

HB355 SEXTING (Hill, B., Rezabek, J.) To generally prohibit sexting by a person under 21 years of age. Am. 2907.324
OPAA: Oppose. Already able to handle these cases with current law. 10/19/17

HB360 BULLYING (Greenspan, D.) To enact the "Ohio Anti-Bullying and Hazing Act" with regard to school discipline and bullying and hazing policies at public schools and public colleges. Am. 2903.31, 3313.66, 3313.661, 3313.666, 3314.03, and 3326.11 and to enact sections 3313.669 and 3345.19. 2903.31 penalty change from M4 to M2
OPAA: Support updating hazing statute. Oppose municipal court verbiage. 10/19/17

HB365 PAROLE MONITORING (Hughes, J., Boggs, K.)
To provide for indefinite prison terms for first or second degree felonies and specified third degree felonies, with presumptive release of offenders sentenced to such a term at the end of the minimum term; to generally allow the Department of Rehabilitation and Correction to reduce the minimum term for exceptional conduct or adjustment to incarceration; to allow the Department to rebut the release presumption and keep the offender in prison up to the maximum term if it makes specified findings; to require the Department to establish a reentry program for all offenders released from prison who it intends to have reside in a halfway house or similar facility but who are not accepted by any such facility; to require the Adult Parole Authority to establish maximum work-load and case-load standards for its parole and field officers and have enough trained officers to comply with the standards; to require that GPS monitoring used for offenders released from prison under such monitoring specify restrictions, including inclusionary zones and necessary exclusionary zones; to require the Department to establish system requirements for GPS monitoring of such offenders by the Department or third-party contract administrators; to require the Department to operate a statewide database for law enforcement use containing specified information about such offenders; to require that third-party administrators for GPS monitoring under a new contract with the Department provide and use a law enforcement-accessible crime scene correlation program; and to name the act's provisions the Reagan Tokes Act.
Code Sections Am. 109.42, 121.22, 149.43, 2903.06, 2903.08, 2903.11, 2903.12, 2905.01, 2905.32, 2907.02, 2907.03, 2907.05, 2907.07, 2919.22, 2919.25, 2921.321, 2921.36, 2923.132, 2925.01, 2925.02, 2925.03, 2925.04, 2925.041, 2925.05, 2925.11, 2929.01, 2929.14, 2929.142, 2929.15, 2929.19, 2929.191, 2929.20, 2929.61, 2930.16, 2943.032, 2953.08, 2967.01, 2967.021, 2967.03, 2967.13, 2967.14, 2967.19, 2967.191, 2967.193, 2967.26, 2967.28, 2971.03, 3719.99, 5120.021, 5120.113, 5120.53, 5120.66, and 5149.04 and to enact sections 2901.011, 2929.144, 2967.271, and 5120.038.
OPAA: Support if changes made. Support indefinite sentences. Object to 5-15% reduction for good time. Extend tail on F1, F2, and F3.

To permit any person who holds a valid concealed handgun license to carry a concealed handgun in a courthouse, a courtroom, or a government facility of this state or in a government facility of a political subdivision of this state if the political subdivision has not enacted an ordinance or policy that prohibits a licensee from carrying a concealed handgun into the building or the court has not enacted a rule that prohibits a licensee from carrying a deadly weapon or dangerous ordnance into the courthouse or courtroom. Am. 105.41, 123.011, 2923.122, 2923.123, and 2923.126
OPAA: Oppose. 10/19/17

HB374 CHILD ENTICEMENT (Duffey, M., Cupp, R.)
To create additional criminal prohibitions within the offense of criminal child enticement and to classify criminal child enticement as a tier I sex offense when committed by a registered sex offender. Am. 2905.05 and 2950.01




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