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Steve Hall has been promoted to Legislative Assistant
OPAA press release 1/30/2013

Portage County Prosecutor Victor Vigluicci explains "right" to force jury trail
Medina Gazette, December 26, 2012

Executive Director Murphy explains the roll of the prosecuting attorney May 5, 2012

Summit County Prosecutor Sherri Bevan Walsh receives public service award from Summit County Children's Services April 27, 2012

Gongwer News Service - March 29, 2012
John Murphy quoted on HB-488 (Court Costs).

March 28, 2012 - HB-265 passed 50-41!

Gongwer News Service - March 22, 2012
John Murphy quoted on HB-487 (Court Reporter fees).

Dayton Daily News - December 26, 2011
Bill would veto defense request for bench trial

The Plain Dealer - December 22, 2011
Ohio Supreme Court ruling will send Cleveland child molester to prison

12/2/2011 - Lorain County prosecutor Dennis P. Will takes over as the association President. Union County prosecutor David W. Phillips named new Secretary. A complete list of 2012 officers can be found here

The Plain Dealer - November 20, 2011
Ohio Prosecutors want law change to allow them to veto times when criminal defendants choose to have a judge decide a case.

Gongwer News Service - November 16, 2011
Ashtabula county prosecutor and OPAA President Thomas L. Sartini, along with Lorain county prosecutor and OPAA President-Elect Dennis P. Will testify on HB265.

Ohio News Network - November 9, 2011
Voters agree with Executive Director John Murphy - judicial retirement age stays at 70.

The Urbana Daily Citizen - November 7, 2011
Champaign County Prosecutor Nick Selvaggio and staff help out on election night

The Columbus Dispatch - October 30, 2011
OPAA Executive Director John Murphy's op-ed on State Issue 1.

The Plain Dealer - October 23, 2011
OPAA Executive Director John Murphy's op-ed on State Issue 1.

WCPN The Sound of Ideas (MP3 audio file) - October 20, 2011
OPAA Executive Director John Murphy discusses judicial age and State Issue 1 (approx 16:45 into the show).

The Columbus Dispatch - October 13, 2011
State Issue 1 - Voters should reject measure to allow older judges to run

Good Morning America - October 12, 2011
Summit County Prosecutor and OPAA Past President Sherri Bevan Walsh delivers a check for unclaimed child support

Ohio News Network Capitol Square - October 9, 2011
OPAA Executive Director John Murphy discusses State Issue 1.

Gongwer News Service Ohio - October 4, 2011
State issue 1

WCPN The Sound of Ideas - July 7, 2011
OPAA Executive Director John Murphy discusses Sentencing Reform in Ohio.

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