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Bills of interest to the Association pending in the 131th Ohio Senate
Through June 22, 2016

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SJR-1 / Compensation Commission / Faber
To establish a Public Office Compensation Commission
OPAA: Tabled 4/22/15

SJR-6 / Grand jury / Williams
Proposing to amend Section 10 of Article I of the Constitution of the State of Ohio to allow the prosecutor in a felony case to elect to prosecute upon a finding of probable cause by a court following a hearing rather than upon indictment by a grand jury.

SB-7 / Caffeine / Manning
To prohibit the sale of pure caffeine products.

SB-11 / Volunteer Peace Officers' Dependents Fund / Ecklund
OPAA: Support 2/26/15

SB-13 / Sex offenses / Jones
To extend statue of limitations for rape and sexual battery in cases where person is implicated by DNA.
OPAA: Support, except oppose 2 year reporting requirement. 2/26/15

SB-15 / Drug prison / Uecker

SB-23 / Law enforcement / Thomas
To establish the Ohio Community-Police Relations Commission.
OPAA: Table. Defer to Gov’s Committee that is studying this. 2/26/15

SB- 44 / Child car restraints / Schiavoni
Use of evidence.
OPAA: Support 2/26/15

SB-53 / Menacing / Hughes
Increase penalty when the victim is a law enforcement officer.
OPAA: Support 2/26/15 except need amendment re “on duty”.

SB-67 / Death penalty / Tavares
Use of statistics re race.
OPAA: Oppose, same as SB183 in 130th.

SB-76 / Protection orders / Bacon
Service not necessary to prove violation
OPAA: Support, same as SB261 in 130th.

SB-83 / Address confidentiality / Williams
OPAA: Support

SB-86 / Charitable auctions / Gardner
Quarter auctions
OPAA: Support

SB-97 / Armed career criminal / Hughes
OPAA: Support

SB-113 / Meth labs / LaRose
Clean-up costs
OPAA: No position except no use of forfeiture funds

SB-119 / Imitation Firearms - Hite/Obhof

SB-123 / Alibi; Waiver of PSI / Johnson
OPAA: Oppose 2/15; Reconsidered - Support. 4/22/15

SB-127 / Abortion / Lehner
Prohibit abortion after 20 weeks?

SB-138 / Driving penalty / Hughes
Operating a mv on the wrong side of interstate highway.
OPAA: Oppose, SB-77, 130th. Current penalties sufficient.

SB-139 / Death penalty / Seitz
OPAA: Oppose. 4/22/15 Reconsidered: Neutral 10/7/15

SB-142 / Firearms / Jordan
Prohibit unlawful seizure.
OPAA: Oppose. 4/22/15

SB-143 / Speedy trial / Eklund
OPAA: Support. 4/22/15

SB-145 / Menacing, telecommunications harassment / Eklund
OPAA: Support. 4/22/15

SB-146 / Distracted Driving / Hughes
OPAA: Support as amended

SB-151 / Dog laws / Beagle
Vicious, dangerous, etc.
OPAA: Support with changes noted in committee. 5/21/15

SB- 154 / Repeal death penalty / Brown

SB-161 / Search warrants / Oelslager
Authorize probate judges to issue search warrants.
OPAA: Support 6/25/15

SB-162 / Death sentences / Seitz
Mental illness
OPAA: Oppose 5/21/15

SB- 174 / Law enforcement officers, recording / Tavares
OPAA: Opposed 6/25/15 (already allowed?)

SB-178 / Felonious assault, child / Gentile
OPAA: Support 4/22/15, 1/21/16

SB-184 / Sex offender registrations / Balderson
OPAA: Support 5/21/15

SB-186 / Elections commission / LaRose
Hear complaints re use of public funds for political campaigns

SB-193 / Microbeads / Skindell
Prohibit the sale of microbeads.
OPAA: Support 8/20/15

SB-195 / Beastiality / Hughes
OPAA: Support 8/20/15

SB-199 / Military firearms / Uecker
OPAA: Support 8/20/15

SB-201 / Real property nuisance / Hughes
Any real property on which crime committed is a nuisance.
OPAA: Support concept, but too broad. Support if narrowed to a pattern of conduct. 8/20/15

SB-202 / Front license plate / Thomas
Make failure to display a secondary offense.

SB-203 / Fetal tissue / LaRose
Expand prohibition on transfer of fetal tissue from abortion.
OPAA:No Position 9/23/15

SB-204 / Drivers license suspensions / Seitz
To make suspension for drug offenses discretionary.
OPAA: Support 8/20/15

SB-215 / Forcible entry, auto / Hughes
To grant immunity for breaking into a car to rescue an animal or child

SB-222 / Address confidentiality / Lehner
To create an address confidentiality program for victims of domestic violence, menacing by stalking, human trafficking, trafficking in persons, rape, sexual battery, and other crimes.
OPAA: Support

SB-227 / Attorney General / Bacon
Duties of AG

SB-236 / Forfeiture / Jordan
Eliminate civil forfeiture
OPAA: Oppose

SB-237 / Bulk amount / LaRose
OPAA: Support 12/1/15

SB-251 / Drones / Skindel
Regulate the use of drones for gathering evidence and information by law enforcement officers
OPAA: Opposed Damshroeder HB207 in the 130th. Mainly suppression issue. 4th amendment issues should be decided by the courts on a case by case basis. 1/23/14

SB-256 / Racial profiling / Williams

SB-258 / Police shootings / Williams
To authorize the AG to prosecute cases involving police shootings.
OPAA: Oppose 1/21/16

SB-262 / Child support /Jones

SB-263 / Plea deals / Hughes
To authorize court to cancel plea if defendant fails to perform.
OPAA: Support 1/21/16

SB-265 / Casino operators / Seitz
Criminal penalty re operators and employees
OPAA: No position. 2/18/16

SB-266 / Elected office vacancies / Oelslager
Clarify appointments to certain county offices.
OPAA: Support 2/18/16

SB-270 / Pawnbrokers / Eklund
OPAA: Oppose. Investigators other than sheriff or chief of police. Intoxicated/known stolen property. 2/18/16

SB-272 / Parole, juveniles / Thomas
Parole for juveniles sentenced to life or indefinite sentences.
OPAA: Oppose as written. Look at parol eligibility instead. Supreme Court decision, issues with people that got life without parol because they couldn’t prosecute a death penalty case due to juvenile. 2/18/16

SB-284 / Expungement / Obhof
For persons found not guilty and victim of human trafficking.
OPAA: Support. Check drafting,

SB-286 / Police animals / Hughes
Increase penalties for assault.
OPAA: No Position 3/17/16

SB-297 / School expulsions / Hughes
For threatening acts of violence
OPAA: Support 4/13/16

SB-308 / Child support / Coley
No criminal provisions in bill as introduced.

SB-309 / School bus reports / LaRose
OPAA: Support.

SB-316 / Sexual imposition / Hughes
Increase penalty for repeaters.
OPAA: Support. Delete para (B) re uncorroborated testimony. 5/12/16

SB-318 / Discrimination / Skindell

SB-319 / Drug regulations / Eklund

SB-321 Public records - Faber
Court of Claims process
Passed Senate 5/11/16

SB-323 Child abuse reporting - Jones, S.
OPAA: Support. Appears same as HB-493.

SB-333 / Environmental Protection Laws / Hite

SB-334 / Salvage motor vehicle dealers / Eklund
Salvage dealer regulations
OPAA: No Position 6/9/16

SB-340 / Public Improvement Contracts / Seitz
Indemnification provisions. Not applicable.

SB-341 / Concealed carry / Jordan
No license required.

SB-342 / Municipalities ban open carry / Thomas

SB-350 / Sex offense counselors / Eklund
Testimonial privilege

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